CenturyLink Internet: Setting Up Parental Controls

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Parents today are raising a different generation, one that’s more involved with the perks and hazards of technology. Whether your kid is a toddler or a tween, they all know their way around the internet, smartphones, tablets, and the myriad of funky gadgets, which are present today. What’s more, is that these kids use these devices for various reasons.

Kids are using fancy gadgets for various reasons

Whether to keep up with their friends or simply use them for academic purposes, it is no longer considered absurd to hand children a new smartphone or a tablet. Even schools, academia, and the community, in general,encourage children to be in touch with the latest devices, whether it’s searching the internet for school assignments or communicating with their peers after school.If that wasn’t enough, you can add the cherry on top, that is, the pandemic, which ensured that people were caged in their homes for personal and community safety and protection.

Parents need to protect their kids from the dark and shady parts of the internet

Parents today also believe that when they allow their child to be exposed to the internet under certain restrictions, they will condition them to know the dos and don’ts of technology. This way they are setting perimeters of freedom so that their child doesn’t feel stifled because he’s not allowed unlike his peers and learns to navigate his way around online without putting him in danger.

Setting digital perimeters early for the kids

This has normally been observed when children know that after a certain hour, they cant use the internet or they know that they are not allowed on social media apps like TikTok, Instagram, or Snapchat. However, these kids are savvy enough to guide their parents, make the right decision online whether it’s purchasing one of the many CenturyLink Internet deals because they have learned about internet speeds at school or finalizing the final touches to their apple pie.

Make kids understand the need for online security

Whatever, they do, it’s always important to remember that your child still needs guidance and direction for difficult decisions that life may throw at them later. This is why it’s important to teach children about online security. Just like you would teach them about the importance of locking doors, it is also important for them to know theneed and importance of a security app on their smartphone/tablet. However, a security app is a step, which comes in quite later. You need to ensure that the internet your kids are using is child-friendly. And this starts with parental controls via your internet devices.

Ensure that your service provider is aware of parental controls

Whether you have installed a new service provider or are thinking about upgrading your current one, most service providers including CenturyLink, have parental controls embedded in them. Implementing parental controls on your internet device simply ensures that you have a firm grip on the online environment for your kids.

Understand the wisdom behind limiting screen time for young kids

Besides protecting your kids, another reason for employing parental controls is to limit screen time as children today are exposed to a variety of screens. They must know that God’s gift of sight is one of the most precious gifts in the world that deserves to be kept safely.

CenturyLink comes with built-in parental controls

To set up parental controls on your CenturyLink modem is no big issue. It is an easy process that can be followed by most users. With this provider, the modems come in with a built-in parental, that ensures that your kids’ online exposure is healthy while silently shielding them from the big, bad, ugly, and scary. Parents also have options to set up schedules that would limit screen time while allowing you to control all the content accessed by your kids. Simply login to your CenturyLink account or set up a new account if you are a new customer. Once you are logged in, you will find options that allow you to customize your modem settings accordingly. The settings will give you insights such as connected devices where you can identify your child’s device(s) and change settings for usage. You can also make these changes via the CenturyLink App. However, once that’s done, you are good to go!

Final thoughts…

Whether you want to block suspicious websites or ensure control over your child’s web browsing, you can be assured that CenturyLink ensures that your child safely uses the internet with only child-friendly options popping up in his search feed. Although parental controls are necessary for the formative years, once your child matures, they will no longer require these parental controls as they will already have an idea of which website to navigate and which to pass.

It is always advised to parents that they must regularly hold talks with their kids so that a sense of safety can be embedded in them. Otherwise, your child will only feel restricted by parental controls and will want to explore the internet, wading into waters that are simply not age-appropriate. Last but not the least, if you are dissatisfied with the service reception, you can always check other ISPs. Simply click on buytvinternetphone where a variety of internet options await you. Just check which is easily available in your area and you are good to go!

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