What Is a Cookie-Free Domain and How Does It Work?

Michael B@llack

What Is a Cookie-Free Domain and How Does It Work?

The online experience keeps changing with every new intergenerational development and the integration of different systems, technical tools, and progressive technologies. Business owners find solace in online presence, which has led to many providers offering various services, and domain names in NZ.

Many web hosting and domain host providers offering a wide range of options for NZ domain names are now available. However, choosing the best provider will help you in the long run.

Understanding the nuances and unique attributes of online existence is also important. One such integral part of the internet experience is cookies. Understanding what cookies are, what cookie-free domains are, and how they work is very important.

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What are HTTP cookies?

Cookies are essentially present on your computer to enhance the user experience on various websites. These cookies are the text files stored on the user’s device that store and pass the information and components of the user’s browser data. The files carry essential information regarding the preferences and choices of websites and activities.

When you visit a website and accept the cookies, these files store that information and data and send the browser a customized experience according to the user’s navigation. So, when you visit the website for the second time, you will have a customized and plated experience over there.

What are Cookie-Free Domains?

With cookies, you do get a personalized experience throughout the internet, but what about the privacy of data and navigation? If a certain feature can track all the user actions on a certain website, are we truly safe and secure? While there are no real cyber threats due to cookies, there are concerns arising regarding the same.

These concerns have led to the emergence of a cookie-free domain name. A cookie-free domain is essentially a subdomain. It does not track the user’s behavior on the websites. This domain does not send requests to the browser to ask for the cookies to track user navigation because they do not need the data. There are several notable benefits observed by the use of cookie-free domains for both parties!

How Do The Cookie-Free Domain Work?

It is not true that a cookie-free domain does not track the user’s data; it does! But the ways are very different. A cookie-based domain has to send a request to the user’s browser to help enhance the experience with the use of cookies. A cookie-free domain typically uses the user’s IP address or user agent in order to track the user’s preferences and choices, like language, ad preference, etc.

The big differentiating factor between these two types of domains is that the cookie-based domain stores information about the users, and a cookies-free domain does not store; it scans! This gives the website owners a big advantage because if there are no cookies, the users cannot disable them and stop the tracking. (There is a possibility that the user can block anyone from tracking the IP address or user agent.)


When you buy a domain name in NZ, with the help of domain hosting services, create a subdomain to use the cookies-free domain. Using a cookies-free domain is a beneficial strategy if used correctly. It has many advantages, like enhanced privacy for users, improved user experience despite not asking for cookies, and reduced cost of the service.